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Victory Sweepers' T600 offers many new features over the previous T500 model – which completely re-defined pavement sweeping!

  • New "Tall Mouth" front flap. Now two inches taller to allow easy access to bottles, cans and light debris – even after they're worn down.
  • NEW "Second Chance," clean-pass rear flap is designed to re-feed any debris that gets by the main flap on the first pass. This is especially effective picking up lighter items such as leaves and large amounts of light paper.
  • NEW standard snow plow markers on each side of unit improve visibility when backing.
  • Curb broom extends out four additional inches to allow for better curb access and driving visibility.
  • NEW (optional) all-aluminum bag rack has a huge capacity and will not rust.
  • ALL NEW colors... Grey top, bottom and rear door are standard. Sides now available in your choice of Victory Red, Blue, Yellow, Green or ALL GREY.

The Victory T600 uses a 5.5 horsepower Honda engine to power its pickup paddle system. Although the T600 is a mechanical-pickup sweeper, the amazing results it achieves rival that of chassis-mounted air sweepers. And, the T600 picks up bulkier items – like wood chunks, rocks and wet diapers – better than an air sweeper.

The machine is trouble-free and extremely inexpensive to operate. Fuel usage for the sweeper is only about 1.5 gallons for an 8-hour shift! When towed by a fuel-efficient pickup or other vehicle, it makes for a combination that offers the lowest cost per hour in sweeping.

Special Offer

You can buy a Victory T600 for under $15,000 – or lease one of these versatile sweepers for under $300 a month!


Victory Sweepers' T600 offers a radical departure from the high cost of chassis-mounted sweepers.

Although the T600 is quiet, light and maneuverable, it has pickup power that rivals that of a construction-type sweeper. The machine picks up an amazing assortment of debris, including pieces of 2x4, bricks, boxes, as well as the more common types of litter commonly found on a parking lot. the amazing T600 can even sweep grassy areas, like football fields and cow pastures!

Click here to view or download a PDF real-world example of the savings one sweeping contractor is receiving as a result of using a T500, the previous model, instead of a traditional chassis-mount sweeper. Now you can get even more savings with the T600!

Includes Garbage Bag Holder

GarbageBagRack300wanim Do you change out garbage bags for some of your clients? No problem with the Victory T600! The T600's optional bag holder system is ideal for this task.

It's also great for the occasional large piece of debris a sweeper can't handle on its own. Perhaps best of all, your T600 will only burn about 1.5 gallons of fuel in a typical 8-hour shift.

If you're having trouble remaining profitable sweeping parking lots with an expensive, twin-engine, chassis-mounted sweeper we respectfully suggest you may want to rethink your business model.

Sturdy Construction

The T600 is on a frame composed of 2"x2"x1/4" wall square steel tubing. The 1.5 cubic yard capacity (volumetric) hopper is made from 16-gauge steel. The sweeper weighs in at a sturdy 998 lbs, with an axle capacity of 2,000 lbs. That provides a hopper capacity of 1,000 lbs.

Powder-Coated Exterior – or Stainless!

The T600 is offered in a variety of high visibility colors, which provide a measure of safety during operation. With either, the hopper is powder-coated both inside and out. If you'd like, you may also specify the optional stainless steel construction, which is unpainted and, of course, immune to corrosion. Take a look at our PDF brochure for more information.

Full 12-Month Limited Warranty

For your security, the T600 is offered with a full 12-month factory warranty through Victory Sweepers, Inc., one of America's most trusted sweeper companies. For full details on the T600's warranty, or on any other aspect of the machine, call 1-707-815-7369; or send us an  email.

Curb Broom

4' Wide Sweeping Path, Plus Curb Broom

With a 48" sweeping width, the T600 makes short work of even larger parking areas. The T600 also comes standard with a 22" hydraulic curb broom for getting curblines sparkling clean. Because the paddle system is so efficient at getting debris off the pavement, sweeping time is very efficient.

The T600 is a Very Versatile Sweeper


Because of its amazing pickup capabilities, the T600 is in use by a wide variety of types of companies and other organizations. That kind of pickup power, coupled with the machine's low purchase and operational costs, has made it attractive to construction companies, parks and recreation departments, airports and a variety of other organizations besides sweeping contractors.

However, the T600 is also gaining widespread acceptance from the sweeping contractor community. Some contractors use the T600 as their route-starting sweeper. Because of its low initial purchase price, coupled with its extremely low cost of operation, the T600 allows contractors to expand their routes in a very cost-effective manner. At the same time, the contractor then has a backup sweeper available in the case of breakdown of one of their other sweepers.

Other contractors have begun inserting the T600 into their routes as the primary sweeper on the route. Some even now have all T600 fleets, in place of the standard chassis-mounted sweepers they had before. Although this is feasible, because the T600 is a mechanical sweeper it will not get up as fine of material as an air sweeper. Over time, for best results we recommend sweeping a parking area with an air sweeper once in awhile to get up those 'fines.' Still, there are contractors who now run 'T600-only' fleets.

Take a look at the animated clips shown below. These are unretouched examples of how the T600 sweeps. Then, if you want to know more, access the video link below that, which is where the clips were captured. (Note: The first frame of each animation is the one with words.)
The T600 excels in construction cleanup. construction cleanup

Parking lots? No problem! Parking Lots Animation

The T600 revolutionizes event cleanup. Event Cleanup Animation

Cart and bike paths are a snap. Cart and Bike Path Animation

You can tackle roadway debris. Municipal Sweeping Anim

The versatile T600 even cleans up in pastures! Even Cow Fields

To the right is an approximately 7-minute video on the phenomenal Victory T600.

This is a great way to observe and learn first-hand about all the types of debris the T600 can handle. It also shows the debris offload process. Just click on the start button of the video to watch it.

The T600 Offers a Low Cost Solution for Shrinking Profit Margins and Increased Competition

The T600 is a powerful solution to profitability in this time of shrinking margins and increasing costs. A number of contractors have found the T600 to be ideal for allowing them to compete for customers who have reduced budgets, yet need to keep their parking areas clean for clients. Having one or more T600s in your fleet provides you with options that will definitely help you reduce your overall cost per sweep throughout your client base.

Would you like to see the T600 in action at your location? We're glad to oblige! Just send us an email or call 1-707-815-7369 to arrange for a demonstration of the innovative Victory T600 sweeper. You'll be glad you did.


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