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For many, GT Manufacturing's forklift-attached MasterSweep system is the best way to keep their industrial and warehouse facilities safe and clean.

Especially when it comes to indoor facility sweeping, the MasterSweep system simply cannot be beat. The rugged and compact MasterSweep automatically turns your forklift into a powerful floor sweeper in only minutes. Just attach it to your forklift and you're ready to clean. The MasterSweep offers a low purchase cost, is easy to operate and economical to maintain.

Take a look at the MasterSweep's many features and specifications, then let us know when you'd like your own personalized demonstration!

The MasterSweep is an economical, efficient and low cost piece of equipment designed to help you tackle your floor/ground maintenance jobs.

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If your maintenance budget does not justify the purchase of an expensive, self-propelled floor sweeper with a high maintenance cost, but you need powered sweeping and have a fork-lift... then the MasterSweep is for you!

The rugged and compact MasterSweep automatically turns your forklift into a powerful floor sweeper in a few short minutes. Just attach it to your forklift and the self-contained MasterSweep is ready to clean.

See for yourself how the MasterSweep maximizes sweeping efficiency while minimizing maintenance and dust.

  • COST - 1/3 to 1/2 of a comparable self-propelled unit
  • VERSATILITY - attaching the MasterSweep to any medium-sized forklift is quick and easy. Whether sweeping inside or out, the dust control system makes all sweeping very efficient, even in the most dusty situations.
  • EASY MAINTENANCE - there are no transmissions, belts, chains or drive-train to create problems in the self-contained MasterSweep. All components are convenient for maintenance or complete change out, and the MasterSweep has less than 20% life long maintenance cost of self-propelled units.
  • HIGH DUMP CAPABILITY - the operator can lift and empty sweepings without leaving the drivers seat.
  • MOBILITY - the MasterSweep can be easily transported from one work site to another.
  • INVESTMENT - you get more for the investment you have in your sweeper and in your fork truck.
  • LIFETIME - with proper care, the MasterSweep will outlast any self-propelled unit, and that is why the MasterSweep is offered with twice the warranty of a self-propelled sweeper.

Take a look at the MasterSweep in action. (Requires Windows Media Viewer; approximately 21 mb.)

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Here are the specifications for the MasterSweep sweeper.

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13-HP vertical shaft, twin cylinder, air-cooled-LP or gasoline engine. Electric start on gasoline models; 12 volt battery.

Unitized construction featuring rectangular steel tubing. Cantilever design with integral hydraulic reservoir/radiator. Reinforced at stress points.

Main broom, side brush, air induction and hopper dump are hydraulically operated.

Sweeping Path
Model 48 offers a 48 in. sweeping path, including side brush. Model 60 has a 60 in. sweep path, including side brush.

Sweeping Coverage Per Hour
With the Model 48 you will be able to sweep approximately 92,000 square feet per hour. This figure is based on a 48 in. wide path at 5 MPH with an average of a 6 in. overlap.

Using the same criteria, the Model 60, with its 60-inch wide sweeping path, will cover 118,800 square feet per hour.

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Sweeping Brushes
Main Broom is a 36 in. (Model 48) or 48 in. (Model 60) cylindrical, transverse broom. The broom is one piece with a disposable composite core. The broom runs at a constant RPM and is adjustable for both pressure and wear.

Side Brush is a 20 in. diameter, one-piece rotary broom that is disposable. Broom is quick change via taper lock hub. Adjustable for angle, pressure and wear.

Dust Control System
Fully enclosed, quick change panel filter. Four square feet of filtering area. High volume air inducer provides constant air flow. Filtered air to assure ongoing clean operation.

Debris Hopper
The Model 48 has a 5 cu. ft. hopper. The Model 60's hopper is 6.2 cu. ft. Both offer low or multi-level high dumping up to 96 in.

Tachometer, hourmeter, hydraulic level and temperature. Standard offered with low engine oil and high engine temperature indicator lights; an automatic engine shutdown system is available.

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Operator controls all functions of sweeping and debris disposal while seated.

Both MasterSweep models are outfitted with 6 in., shock-absorbing swivel casters.

The Model 48 weighs 1,300lbs. The Model 48 weighs 1,400lbs.

Model 48: 55 in. wide x 68 in. long x 43 in. high. Model 60: 67 in. wide x 68 in. long x 43 in. high.

Forklift Hookup
After forks are removed from forklift, the MasterSweep is securely mounted via mast hooks. For easy operation, controls are mounted by magnets to the forklift. The entire attach/detach operation can be accomplished in 5 minutes or less. Mounting clamps are adjustable, with a 13 in. to 24 in. spread.

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